Your gentle touch, your tender care. A smile as bright as sunshine; a heart of no compare.
A spirit that will glow forever, in the memories that we share.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Best of Summer 2010

Before winter sets in completely...

I was just going through our pictures to try and figure out what to put on our Christmas card (yes, we're going to try to do one, and please send us yours!!!), and I couldn't help but smile, grin, and giggle as I went through a flashback of our absolutely best summer ever.

Need a pick-me-up?  Though it might bring a few tears at first, this quick little album is guaranteed to leave you light-hearted, assured that the Aidan we love and miss lived a happy-go-lucky little life...


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  1. Awesome pics, literally made me smile and tear up at the same time! Also got me thinking about t-ball and Aiden hitting bombs against Ryder and the LugNutz. It was always a bit embarrassing when I would try to talk him up on baseball and then he would turn around and dust me on baseball talk. - Steve K.