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Friday, March 1, 2013

SB 606: Aidan's Law for AEDs in PA Schools

There it is, everyone!  There it is.   
 Aidan's Law for AEDs in Schools is officially Senate Bill 606.

WOW.  There are so many emotions running high right now.

Senator Dinniman introduced our legislation to the Pennsylvania Senate yesterday, and it was well-enough received to be referred into committee.  We're now awaiting word of which committee SB 606 will be assigned to.

When officially assigned a committee, we will be able to view SB 606 via this link: (and enter SB606 in the "Find Legislation By" box)

A HUGE first step!!!!!  CONGRATS to all who have had a hand in getting us here!!!

Oh-- and we're just 21 signatures shy of 2,500 on the petition-- can we close out the day at 2,500???

Petition Link:

Have a great weekend, PA!

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