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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

SCA Prevention Act Has Been Signed!

To save one life is as if to save the world  - The Talmud

We have some great news to announce!  The Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act is being signed into PA law on May 30th!  This act would require the education of coaches, trainers, student athletes, and parents about the symptoms of SCA prior to participating in athletics. In addition, it ensures that children who show the symptoms of SCA prior to, during, or after an athletic activity are properly screened by a medical professional before being allowed to return to athletic activities.  This is a HUGE step in our goals to protect our children from SCA.  Working with Simon's Fund, Pennsylvania State Representative, Mike Vereb, introduced the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act before the House of Representatives. This accomplishment is truly the reflection of many hands working together.  On February 14th, surviving children of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, along with families who lost their child, visited Harrisburg delivering cookies to members of the House Education committee and urged them to pass this bill.  Little 6-year old Devin shared his heartbreaking story of losing his best friend and brother Aidan to SCA directly with staff members.  Downingtown's own State Senator Andy Dinniman, as Minority Chairman of the Education Committee, followed through on the personal resolution he presented the Silva Family with at the First 5K last June and personally helped to ensure the success of this bill.  We are so thrilled with this success and it brings us ever closer to the goal of having every child receive EKG screenings along with their hearing and vision well visits and ensuring every school and athletic association in Pennsylvania has an AED device on the premise.

Thank you, Kelly Hagelauer, for writing this post.

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  1. That is AWESOME!!!! I am so proud of all that you guys are doing, you have an enormous amount of strength and love.