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Monday, September 24, 2012

This Video May Help You Save A Life.

Visit to see what little it takes to save a life

So what exactly happens when Sudden Cardiac Arrest strikes?  And what can you do? 

In a perfect world, an AED is never more than 2 minutes (running distance) away from a victim.  Even so, compression-only CPR alone can prevent a person from dying or becoming severely brain-damaged when his or her heart stops suddenly. 

This Save-A-Life simulator is a video that prompts you to on-the-spot action as if you were a bystander.  Having been in this situation before, I can't stress enough the fact that this (SCA) could happen to anyone, anytime, any day.  Going through the steps of this simulator can give you a very real picture of what happens when someone's heart stops, and the questions embedded at key points during the event prompt you to think:  What would I do?  And what should I do? 

Please pay special attention to the "snoring" sound the victim makes.  Not many people recognize that this sound is an indicator that the heart has suddenly stopped beating.

If I could change one thing about the video, it would be that the chest compressions given during CPR need to be much, much harder.  I do realize, however, that the "victim" is role-playing, and that deep compressions could be harmful to a live person, but I've also come to learn that a lot of people are afraid of hurting a victim during CPR.  Yes, you may break a rib or two on the victim.  But ribs heal.  Death doesn't. 

After watching, check out The American Red Cross to find out where you can become AED/CPR certified.  Take one of these short, inexpensive classes one night.  You won't regret it.

Click on this link or on the caption above to start the simulator video.  Watch it, share it, and if the situation ever calls, don't be one of those dumb-struck bystanders in the background.  Spring to action and save a life. 

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