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Monday, March 4, 2013

Wait! We're Not Done! We Need (More of) Your Help!!!

Hold on!  Don't go anywhere!  We can't put our feet up just yet!

I've been getting a number of email/Facebook messages/texts saying, "Congrats on passing Aidan's Law!!!"  But we haven't!  Yet!

I'm learning my civics lessons all over again, and if I've been misleading in any post, I apologize (it just means that I sent them out without first consulting with my wise husband, Mr. History Teacher-- AP US, no less). 

I've nabbed an image of the "How a Bill Becomes a Law" process to supplement this explanation (and I studied the image before I wrote-- Steve's in the middle of PHS baseball tryouts at the moment, so I'm on my own...)

Click image to visit original source

Do you love that picture or what?! So, where we are right now is THE SECOND BLUE CIRCLE FROM THE TOP ON THE LEFT, "Committee Hearings". Each 'down' arrow represents a passing vote, which enables the proposed legislation to move to the next level.

The point is, WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP!!!! And actually, we probably will need it for some time-- you can see how many "bubbles" there are to jump through. Can we count on you?

So, what we HAVE accomplished is that Aidan's Law, or SB 606, has been successfully introduced by its original author (Sen. Dinniman) and referred to the Senate Education Committee.  It will continue the process of being considered to ultimately become a Pennsylvania law.  Without your efforts, our proposed legislation would have already been squashed, and we'd have to start at square one.  Which is a tiny, overcrowded, competitive little square, so we'd rather not go back there...

At this point, SB 606 is being considered by the Senate Education Committee for review.  The senators on the committee will study it, research it, and will soon vote on it.  If they vote "yes," we keep moving ahead, and SB 606 goes to the full Senate floor.  If they vote "no," then we're done.  Totally done.  And Aidan's Law has no hope of getting passed. 

(I need a review of whether or not the committee needs a quorum-- ha!  aren't you impressed that I remembered that word???  although I probably didn't use it correctly-- or a majority, or just the coolest people to vote 'for' the bill in order to move it to the floor.  Will consult my beloved.)

If SB 606 gets to the full Senate floor, it needs to be voted for again by the entire Senate.  If passed, it goes to the House of Representatives, and much of the process is repeated.  If it's not passed, we're done.  Totally done.

WHAT YOU CAN DO RIGHT NOW:  Regardless of which/whose senatorial district you live in, PLEASE CALL, EMAIL, or WRITE ANY OR ALL (all would be optimal, of course) SENATORS OF THE EDUCATION COMMITTEE, particularly Mr. Folmer, the majority chair of the committee.  Click here to view the Education Committee homepage; click any name to reveal his  contact information.

THIS STEP IS AS IMPORTANT AS THE LAST-- signing the petition and calling your local senators is what got us IN the committee-- now we need to get ON the full Senate floor. 

Two minutes, maybe ten, to ensure that you've done your part at this juncture to better protect kids' hearts in PA-- inaction at this point could negate the efforts you've already taken.  PLEASE CONTACT THE SENATE EDUCATION COMMITTEE TODAY!!! 

We have no word on when they will be voting on Aidan's Law/ SB 606.  We'll keep you updated.



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