Your gentle touch, your tender care. A smile as bright as sunshine; a heart of no compare.
A spirit that will glow forever, in the memories that we share.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Postmortem Channelopathies (Arrhythmia) Panel Test

Two new signs of hope in the last two weeks-- one, that FAMILION, the genetic testing company in New Haven, CT, just recently started offering a test that screens the decedent for seven of the more commons types of arrhythmia conditions; and two, that we actually have the stored samples from Aidan on hand in order to be able to participate.  There's a 30% chance that we'll learn something about why Aidan died; those are the best odds we've heard yet. 

No word on how long the test will take after all the materials have been received, but we'll be sure to let you know when we hear anything.  In the meantime, we continue to pursue the monitoring of our own health, including Devin and the baby. 

I haven't written lately because the holidays, and post holidays, and last days before the arrival of our third son, have been and continue to be tougher in many ways than the first few months after September 4th.  I've hit the mad-mad-mad stage, and because many of my thoughts include numerous f-bombs and cynicism, I've censored myself from here since many of you come to this blog for peace, smiles of remembrance, and possible answers.  Please continue to check back periodically, though, because as we go along in this process, I'd really like to write more posts in honor of our spirited, peaceful, happy son who lived, not the pain surrounding his loss. 

Stay tuned for news about the newest little Silva...


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  1. Hello my dear friend. In some strange way, it was comforting to hear that you are mad-mad-mad... as I am angry too. Just doesn't seem fair, and I miss Aidan so much. Nothing but the most unbelievably sweet memories of him... but those f-bombs run through my head all the time about his death. I love you guys.