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A spirit that will glow forever, in the memories that we share.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Quentin Comes Home!

From Newswire Services.....
Downingtown, PA - Traffic in Chester County was snarled today as police escorts, the high school marching band and a tutu-clad bear on a unicycle heralded the long-awaited homecoming of Quentin Joseph Silva today.  The mayor of Downingtown issued a proclamation and offered Quentin a key to the borough.  The local coffee shop gave away free coffee and donuts to keep the onlookers happy as they camped out overnight for a peek at the child.  When asked if they were out to watch the big game last night, one camper, clearly puzzled, asked, "What game?"  In delirious jubilation, the local beer distributor offered Quentin's proud father a free case a week for an entire year. 

That's exactly how it happened.  Honest. 

So Quentin came home today.  And big brother Devin had a few tricks up his sleeve to make the occasion special.  First, he made a sign all by himself, including the spacing of the letters.  Notice his artistic eye...

But he wasn't finished.  He had another surprise around the corner....

The local paparazzi, pushy as ever, asked for anything they could put out, so our publicist issued this:

Needing his beauty rest, Quentin demanded a chai latte, a cinnamon scone, today's New York Times, and a nap.  He got one of the four, but Devin promised to teach him how to negotiate with Mom and Dad.  It's good to have everyone home.  More later.  Love to all.


  1. I can't believe i missed the parade!!! DANGIT!! looks like Devin did a great job of welcoming home little bro! And Quentin certainly looks very comfortable at home! Soooo snuggly! XO

  2. I don't know Steve...your doing a fantastic job with keeping us posted on the blog, very entertaining for sure ;) Your boys are gonna love reading this one day when they are older! Devin looks so proud and little Quentin just looks so darn adorable!!! Mom and Dad look amazing too! Hope everyone is getting rest!!

  3. Indeed, it WAS amazing day in Downingtown today. Although we camped out all night on Business 30 to get a look at Quentin, that darn tutued bear on his unicycle rode right in front of us just as your minivan passed!!! In my startled state, I spilled my complimentary coffee all over myself and watched in disbelief as the tuba player from the marching band stomped on my delicious, half-eaten chocolate doughnut. Oh well, once the papparazi moves on to its next major story and things settle down a bit for you, perhaps we can make a quick visit to see you and your very sweet new baby, Quentin. Until then, we will very much enjoy viewing the precious pictures of all of you!!!!
    Love to you all,