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A spirit that will glow forever, in the memories that we share.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Quentin, One Week

Today, already, unbelievably, Quentin is a week old.  Yikes!  Time flies when you're so totally adored!

Don't mind my voiceover... I'm mumbling about the mistake I made last night in eating meatballs that I later found out had onions in them... long night, many diapers.  Just before I shot this video, Q was making some punishing faces at me, and I assumed it was for that.  He behaved himself for the camera, however, so now no one will believe me when I tell them that he's got a vendetta...

Happy One Week, Quentin!
Love, Mom

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  1. Andrew hated onions....still will not touch them to this day. He is adorable, nice action shot. Hope everyone is doing well! XOXO Alison