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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Cases on CNN

Martha Lopez-Anderson, President of the Parent Heart Watch group that funded Aidan's genetic test, has been an incredible source of support and information for me.  Martha lost her son, Sean, six years ago at age ten when he was rollerblading recreationally, was given a 'bogus' diagnosis by the coroner, and has been working tirelessly to help other families find answers as to why their children suddenly collapse and die from a heart event. 

Here is the clip of her interview about the recent sudden cardiac deaths of high school athletes:

While the issue is prominent in the news at the moment because of the current series of events, it is our hope that awareness continues to spread in the coming months and years.  Martha and her organization, as well as several other organizations involved in similar ventures, are trying to change legislation to include mandatory EKG screenings, national standards for medical examiners, and a single national database for information collection concerning sudden deaths in children.  

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