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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quentin, One Month

Hi!  What's up with the Silvas, you ask?  I know, we've been under a rock this past month-- it's hard for us to find two free hands together to write, as Devin and Quentin are keeping us very busy!  Here are a few updates (I broke them into separate posts to make it easier to view the pic and video files...)


Quentin:  Some Firsts

First tummy time on the playmat-- tough workout put him to sleep!

First full bath-- not sure about it at this point, but the lack of screaming and kicking indicated that he liked it a ton better than the previous sponge baths...

First night out of the cradle and into the big boy crib (3/12/11)... slept really well!

Perhaps because Aidan's Blue Bear and Puppy watch over Quentin and blow kisses all night long...

Next:  Devin (Brother Billy Goat), Update on Aidan's Genetic Test (3/13/11)

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